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Welcome to Radmate The Radmate Isolation Valve

Fitting the Radmate Isolation Valve to your Central Heating Radiators enables you to Remove a Radiator, in Seconds, yes, Remove a Radiator in seconds.
The Radmate Isolation Valve has made Home Decorating, not only easy, but more enjoyable.
There are many Central Heating Radiator Valves on the market, but fitting the Radmate Radiator Valves eliminates the need to drain down, or even turn off the Central Heating System when you want to Decorate Behind A Central Heating Radiator.
To Remove a Central Heating Radiator, most people need the services of al plumber, but once fitted with the Radmate Isolation Valve, all the mess and expense has gone.
Removing A Central Heating Radiator is a must to achieve a professional finsih when doing Home Decorating and this is where the Radmate Radiator Valve Comes into it's own.
Should you ever need to change your Central Heating Radiators, the Radmate Isolation Valves can be transferred from your old, to your new Radiators.
The Radmate Isolation Valves can be fitted to Micro Bore and Plastic Pipe Work using the appropriate Reducers and Fittings.
All Radmate Isolation Valves come with full and easy to follow Fitting Instructions, meaning that the Isolation Valves can be fitted by any competent D.I.Y person.
Watch, and enjoy, the Video showing the Radmate Isolation Valve in operation and see how the isolation valves makes decorating behind a central heating radiator so much easier and enjoyable.
Removing a central heating radiator couldn't be easier when fitted with the radmate isolation valve.



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